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​Below you will find the workshops I currently specialize in. In addition to these, individual coaching sessions or other trainings are available on request. All workshops can be customized to your needs.

time management

Do you feel your to-do list is never ending? Do you always go home with the feeling that you haven´t completed your work for the day?

Then this workshop is for you!

In the high expectant society we live in, it´s more important than ever we prioritize our activities and optimize our time.


Are you not sure if you give feedback in the right way? Do you think you can improve your feedback skills?
You´re only a step away!

Feedback is often seen as an obstacle. If you look at it in another way though, feedback is most of the time given with a good intention: to help the other person improve. 

Vision & Mission Development

Are you about to start your own company? Are you re-shaping your company culture and looking for a new direction? 

Don´t wait any longer!

In both these cases it is very important to have a clear vision and mission in order to set direction and create followers. If you need more direction to your own career path, developing your personal vision and mission will help you to get on the right track.